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ImageTake your cue for New Year styles from the stars -- here are the wardrobe must-haves for 2012!

Last year was all about androgyny, jumpsuits, statement neckpieces...

But what do the coming months hold in store for us in terms of style? While some hot looks from 2011 will endure, the rest will make way for brand new ones.

If you don't want to take our word for it, who better than our sexy celebs to drive the trends home?

Here we bring you twelve 'it' items for '12 -- so all you wannabe fashionistas, take note!

Leather shorts

Shorts are all about showing a little (okay, a lot of!) leg, but when they're leather, they take things to a whole new level of 'oomph'.

They're sensual, they're haute and they're at the top of the list because they're trending in a major way at the moment -- just ask Rihanna, who's a big fan.

Image: Rihanna's tiny leather shorts may be made for the stage, but lately, they're the hottest thing off it too
Photographs: Ian Gavan/Getty Images
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