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As regular people who are not followed by paparazzi when on roads, we secretly feel envious of all the luxuries that the celebs enjoy. Some of them keep showing up in the list of the highest paid actors, some others are known to the world as business tycoons. But, no matter how glorious their success story is today, once in the past, they all have had tiffs with life.

Following is a list of some of the most popular celebrities around the world that once lived the life of a homeless:

1. Steve Jobs

9 Celebrities Who Were Homeless Before Tasting The Fame
Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed College because he did not want his parents to spend on his expensive education, something that they could not afford well already. And dropping out of college meant no dorm rooms. So he slept on the floor of his friends’ dorms and returned Coke Bottles to manage food money. Every Sunday night, he walked 7 miles to savour weekly good meals at a local Hare Krishna Temple (ISKCON), which was located across the town.

Source: Storypick
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