Follower of the Latest Fashion Trends? Or are you a Trendsetter yourself? We have a huge collection of images from Fashion shows of Top Designrers and photographs of Fashion Models featuring trendy accessories.

ImageFeminine chic for women

Take a cue from these fashion trends.

~ Floral motifs on blouses and skirts -- ranging from large in-your-face blossoms to the more delicate small-printed, ultra-feminine look -- are in.

~ Wear bold, vibrant colours like orange, fuchsia, green, red and electric blue.

~ Multi-layered tops are trendy. Wear a plain vest over a coloured racer-back tee*.

* a sleeveless vest whose arm holes are cut in a deeper curve at the back than in the front.

~ Wear fitted shirts with funky illustration prints.

~ Combat shorts and cargo trousers look very smart.

~ Chinese-collared kurtas worn over pants are in vogue.

~ Coloured pants with a feminine touch, in shades like pink and lavender.

~ Chiffon ponchos cinched at the waist with belts. Go crazy with a rainbow of colours.

~ Stripes, thick or thin, are in.

~ Shorty-shorts. These are like hot pants, but made of regular shorts material like cotton, denim, etc. You could team with a halter-neck top for a great casual-chic style statement.

Note: Fishnet stockings and wide, coloured ribbons (around the waist and at the ankles) accessorised the clothes worn by the models. If you can carry it off in daily life, go for it!