Unable to completely enjoy the Jokes in English? Fropky pesh karte hain, chutkule, ab aapki manpasand bhasha mein.
An Officer was rewarded a bicycle by his Commanding Officer for a job well done. It was a beautiful cycle but didn't have a carrier at the back.

He requested his Orderly to get it fixed. When the cycle came back with the carrier fitted, he noticed that now the stand is missing. He asked about the missing stand.

The Orderly replied, "CO Sahib ke paas gaya toh unhone carrier toh sanction kar diya par stand nikaalne ke liye hukam diya..."

Youngster went up to the Old Man and asked for the reason for this order.

The CO replied, "Lesson for you, Young man, Fauj Mein Ek Cheez Hi Possible Hai... CAREER Ya STAND... Agar STAND Loge Toh CAREER Khatam Aur Agar CAREER Banana Hai Toh Kabhi... STAND Mat Lena... make your choice."