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ImageWatch out! The next time you buy your baby a cough syrup or get yourself any medication, make sure to get a proper bill else you could fall prey to the multi-crore clandestine business of spurious, misbranded and adulterated drugs.

While the top players of the over Rs 85,000 crore (Rs 850 billion) pharmaceutical business are up in arms over what they call rampant spread of counterfeit drugs (allegedly 20 to 25 per cent of total pharma sales) in the country, enforcement agencies and some pharma associations say the situation is not that alarming.

But, they acknowledged that there are areas, which have slowly gained the dubious distinction of being a major source point for such drugs.

Sources in central as well as regional drug enforcement agencies besides industry experts and police said Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Haryana and even Himachal Pradesh are some areas of concern when it comes to manufacturing of spurious and adulterated drugs.

Image: Watch out! The next time you buy your baby a cough syrup.