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When the eyes burn
and tears melt
i reckon its time
to move on with the life

Things change
things go wrong
mist is everywhere
but still somewhere in our heart
we r always wishing for things
to go our way
knowing that our way
is not going to happen...

Hope keeps us up and going
high hope makes us fall
fall to such depths
that we can't even see sunlight

When its dark
its scary
yet the hope doesn't die sometimes
and this undieing hope
takes us out of our bad times
once out
we forget the dark
and start from where we left
doing one mistake
after the other
till we die

And we are dieing,
we think
we are taking with us
all our wishes
all our hopes
but we r soo wrong.
we die and leave our dreams
for those who are alive
and thus this continues
the earth spins
the trees dance
the mountains smile
to see us doing meaningless things
to get meaningless things
we r so insane....