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BUILDING trust and credibility in the workplace is as important as performing well in your job. When your employers can trust you and your credibility factor is beyond doubt then you have arrived! Though attaining trust and credibility can be difficult losing it is just as easy. So you will have to be careful not to lose these qualities, which can spoil your reputation in the organisation.

Here are some pointers on how to build these qualities at your workplace and also some pitfalls to avoid:

The first point is to share information with others and give the full information. For this you will have to be frank and forthright in whatever you divulge to others. When you are frank in telling what you know and what you want to others, you gain the trust of others. If you are not, then people will find it difficult to trust you because they would think you are hiding something from them.

Even if you cannot divulge certain information, be sure to explain the reason to others. They will accept this more positively but if you are evasive or silent on the matter nobody will trust you.

The second point is to be open and receptive to the ideas of others. This is difficult because people who believe they are open-minded often find it difficult to accept the ideas of others if they are contradictory to theirs. So it is important not only to seek the views of others but also look at them objectively if they are in conflict with yours.

Being a "yes" man or woman to your boss will not put you in the boss' favour but rather will make the boss perceive you as someone who cannot support his/her own views and someone who has no individual views. On the contrary if you can stand up for your views you will gain trust and respect from the management.

If you can keep up to the commitments you have made to others like replying to a colleague's mail or helping another with a project then you are seen as a dependable person, one who can be trusted. Instead if you are always thinking of excuses to break promises and commitments your credibility factor comes down. Take the help of another person or put in extra hours but see to it that your promises are kept.

Building trust is not only to do with your personal reputation but also related with your work. You will gain the trust of your employers and will be given more responsibility when you can back your statements and decisions with solid data. This will earn you the reputation of an individual who does research before stating or doing anything.

Losing trust can be easy if you start backbiting about others at work and gossip about co-workers. This can hamper your trust factor. If you have anything against any co-worker it is better to confront them directly, you will win the trust and respect of others because of your courage.

When you commit a mistake it is always better to admit it openly than trying to hide it or defend yourself. Admitting a mistake shows your human vulnerable side and will automatically win you the empathy and trust of others but if you try to cover up or hide them then your credibility is at stake.

Another tip to gain trust is to ask for feedback from others and, more importantly, act on it. If you especially as a manager are known to accept feedback for personal improvement then your credibility factor will go up. But if you do not act or react to the feedback then others will not trust you to give you their views.

Lastly, if someone wants to give you some information but do not want you to divulge it to anybody then the best reaction would be to either keep the promise of secrecy or else to express your inability to keep your promise. If you break your promise then your trust factor takes a plunge.

Remember these tips if you want to build your trust and credibility factor at the workplace. Trust can be the most important factor that can get you ahead in your career.