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Build Powerful Chest Muscles Like Super heroes?

ImageTake a walk into any gym and you will see men of all shape and sizes pumping their chest insanely. Why? Because we are genetically wired up to think that by having a strong and powerful chest is a way to ward off adversaries and also a natural female magnet. The fairer sex instinctively loves to snuggle up on a strong chest as it gives them a sense of security and protection. Even in the animal kingdom, the gorilla pounds its chest to scare off foes and attract mates.

Your chest muscles or pectorals or commonly called the pecs is a big muscle group. For your chest muscles to grow fast and massive, you will have to lift heavy and in excellent form. The fundamental exercises which you must do for your chest routine should be the flat bench press. Stay away from the machines. Use free weights. Flat presses work your entire chest muscles, and are probably the best mass chest muscles builder. Dumbbells are superior to barbells in that they allow a greater range of motion, more balancing work is required and therefore recruiting more fibres and synergistic muscles for massive growth. However you should do barbell presses for variations and shocking effect for further muscle growth.

Next will be the incline dumbbell press. Inclines work the top of your chest muscles giving you the broad and wide chest like those of comic book super heroes. The exercise is executed the same as the flat press except that you are lying on an incline bench. I do not recommend decline presses as that will develop your lower pecs and gives you a drooping chest look. We want a strong and powerful chest, not T*ts!

Another great mass builder for your chest is what I call the superman dip. If you do the vertical dip, you will end up working your triceps and shoulders more. If you lean forward and tuck in your chin into your chest and perform the exercise like a plane taking off or Superman flying towards the sky, then you will place major stress on your chest for a full and wide chest development. Make sure to go down to where you feel a deep stretch in your chest. The bottom part of the rep is where you chest gets the work.

Always work you chest muscles with heavy weights and in excellent form throw in some flyes and weight push ups now and then for all rounded chest muscles development.