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ImageDecorating diyas
What is Diwali without diyas? While very few would be interested in making their own from scratch, you can certainly decorate yours to make them truly unique.
What you need:
~ A few earthen diyas (they cost very little and come in many shapes and sizes)
~ Oil or fabric paints
~ Varnish
~ Mirror work, sequins, lace etc to decorate

~ Soak your earthen diyas in water for two days and leave them to dry naturally. By doing this, they will soak up less oil when lit.
~ Coat the outside of each diya with paint. You can use oil paint but it requires at least two days to dry. Fabric paint is a good alternative -- it dries in a couple of hours.
~ Next, coat each diya with varnish before you add on any decoration -- this will make them washable and longlasting.
~ While the varnish is still wet, add on the bits of mirrorwork, sequins or glitter -- any decorations you want, so that your diyas stand out as little works of art.