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ImageResearchers at South Korea's Rural Development Administration are looking at developing a 'Kiss Apple', which can freshen breath before a romantic encounter, Reuters reported.

The tiny ping-pong-ball-sized fruit is designed to be kept in the pocket and eaten just before people lock lips, although there are those questioning whether this will ruin the moment or not.

Hwang Hye-sung, a researcher at the Rural Development Administration, described the apple as a 'do-it-yourself bad breath treatment'.

'We want young people to eat many apples and came up with the idea of portable apples for your bags,' the scientist said.

'We can mass produce the species with stronger functions that control food odours in as few as two years.'

This isn't the first time South Korea has taken a decidedly unconventional approach to a rather everyday problem.

Managers at the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Seoul, hoping to spot if anything fishy was going on before last year's G20 summit, enlisted the help of six goldfish.

The animals were used to test the water purity in the bathrooms as part of the security measures to protect visiting officials.