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Anything can happen in our movies. Actors can jump off a 150 feet tall cliff without scraping a finger, withstand a million bullets and not bleed, take multiple reincarnations to reunite with the love of their lives or play parent to a child several years older than them.

ImageVidya Balan

And that's exactly what Vidya Balan does playing a doting mommy to a 60-plus Amitabh Bachchan, in R Balki's uniquely-themed Paa. AB plays a 13-year-old boy, Auro, suffering from a peculiar genetic disorder, Progeria, which leads to a rapid ageing condition. Ironically, it's son Abhishek playing 'Paa' to him.

The star of Parineeta and Heyy Babyy is not the only actress to shower her maternal affection on someone slightly grown-up or only a couple of years younger. Here's a list of some unlikely mother-child jodis on screen.