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It's not always canoodling lovers that take our breath away on screen!

Bollywood introduces us to the prettiest places on earth. From Switzerland's snowy mountains to Punjabi fields, to a breath-taking Mediterranean cruise, we've visited these places in the movies. Beaches are a popular filmi destination as well, and not just because filmmakers get to show off their heroines in bikinis!

Beach are popular because there's so much beauty in them! Watch the coastal view in the Drishyam trailer, and you'll know what we mean!

Here's looking at Bollywood's beautiful beaches.

Krrish 3
Bollywood's EXOTIC Beaches

The superhero blockbuster featured Dil Tu Hi Bata, a song starring Kangana Ranaut and leading man Hrithik Roshan, as they sang to each other on locations near the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Image: Hrithik Roshan serenades Kangana Ranaut in Krrish 3
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