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What a question, do black roses exist? Some say they are secretly being grown in Europe or a secret place in Asia. Most say no, but a few say yes. There is a rose that has been around for a lot of years called the black rose. It is a deep red color . Black roses (roses of a pure black color) do not exist in nature as far as we know.

In reality no pure black flowers of any kind exist, that we know of yet. The so-called “black tulip” is actually very dark purple . Many people confuse the two. The Black tulip is very dark , and from a little distance it does look black. Upon a close examination you see its true color.

Rose growers have been trying to grow a darker rose almost black for many years, but as far as the rose world knows , no one has succeeded.

Fake black roses, can be produced in a couple of ways. Florists can make them by using floral paint on darker roses. They are painted to look black. Also another way is to use a special treatment with special dyes and powdered flower preservative. You mix together the preservative, food coloring and water and put it in a jar. Only fill the jar an inch or two in the bottom so you have a strong black color. After being in the jar a few days , it will soak up the dye and you will have a "black rose".

As I have said the mystery of the black rose continues. Even with the hand made varieties the meaning seems to be various. When I think of these roses, I think of bad things or death. All around the world it has different meanings in different cultures. This mystical flower is mostly associated with dark forces. But the myth still lives on today. Shrouded by more mystery and intrigue.

Some day in the future we may see a man made black rose. It could be on the horizion, but as now there, have been no true black rose breakthroughs in creating one. The roses with "Black" in their names are just a “name”, since the real black rose is really a deep red.

The Black Baccara Rose is a hybrid tea rose, and is perfect for a cut flower. Like all the black red roses, their flowers are more black looking before they are fully opened. These are some of the darkest natural roses you can find.

They appear to be more black in cool or cold weather. So if you live someplace a little colder your roses would appear darker most of the time.

So as this controversy goes on and on , as far as we know , mother nature has not ever produced a true black rose or flower. Some are close , but not true black.

But for now man can produce fake black roses threw different techniques. They are costly but they can be done.

One day a rose grower may stumble upon a variety and with a little help come up with a black rose. What a sight that will be to see. The beauty of the rose in such a color, will be truly amazing. All of us growers and gardeners wait for that day. You will go down in the history books forever being the first one in history to have a “true black rose”. What a day that will be.

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