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ImageIt takes a lot to look good everyday. Ask the celebs and you would be astonished at the exorbitant prices they pay to keep looking frozen in time.

We discovered some strikingly unconventional beauty treatments some people indulge in to enhance their looks. While most of these treatments are not available on Indian shores, but like most trends, we hope these bizarre beauty fundas find their way here. Freaking out is guaranteed, so take a peek...

Geisha facial : While we accepted chocolate facial and mud packs, this one was simply crappy. Now smear your face with bird poop and voila! That's the facial for you. A salon in New York uses bird poop to pretty you up. Reportedly, Victoria Beckham is a big fan of the Geisha facial as it keeps her skin glowing.

Fanny's facial : Don't go by the name because this facial is definitely not for your face. The fanny's facial serves only one purpose – the derriere. While it uses the same methods like in a normal facial, this one promises to give you that beach bum that you have always desired. The treatment is available in a spa in Beverly Hills, California. While we are still to discover celeb followers, with all the enviable derrieres in tinsel town, Fanny's Facial has to have a closeted follower, doesn't it?

Snake therapy : Have snakes slither all over your body giving you a massage while you relax. Available in Israel at Barak's Snake Spa, this unique yet creepy massage has customers lining up. But don't worry, the snakes are not really venomous. We wonder if "Hisss" girl Mallika Sherawat would be obliging enough to try some of this therapy, to help revive her non-existent career.

Leech therapy : While leech therapy has been used in traditional medicine to cure localized pain, Demi Moore on a talk show revealed that she turned to these bloodsuckers for good health and to look younger. Now that we know the secret to her youthful skin, lets put the rumours to rest. What's next Demi, spiders?

Bull semen conditioner : Offered by an upscale salon in London, this conditioner is being called "Viagra for hair" by people who swear by it. After reading most of the above treatments, we thought bull semen wouldn't sound that outlandish. No it doesn't, it's just plain disgusting. What other horrors will people do to look good, we say?

By Caroline D’Cruz, TNN

Image Source: Thinkstock photos/Getty Images