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When you think of birds, you most likely think of very docile, perhaps graceful creatures that present themselves in your backyard as you watch them peacefully go about their daily routines.

Perhaps you think of the larger birds such as a hawk or a falcon that you watch in the sky as they glide elegantly through the atmosphere. What you don't think about is getting pounded by wings or legs or getting torn to shreds by beaks and getting your bones crushed by talons.

They look so harmless for the most part, but some birds are not only physically strong enough to kick your butt and in some cases cause death, but some species are aggressive enough to do it. Some of the these birds on the countdown you're going to expect, while others will surely surprise you.

11. Vulture
Birds that can beat the Crap out of you

Though a vulture's prey is normally dead animals, a vulture could kick your A*s if you provoked it to want to do so. Ultimately, a vulture would not be interested in attacking you, but it could do some serious damage if it had to due to its sharp hooked beak that's specifically designed to tear flesh. Ouch!