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ImageIt's amazing how many different people one has to face and deal with on a daily basis. But not everyone is friend material. While you get along with some people, like the proverbial house on fire, there are some people you wish you'd never met.

Naturally, this is because all people have different temperaments. Also, how people behave and react to different situations goes a long way in making them easily likable or not. But remember, no matter how difficult a person may be, it's not impossible to deal with them. We give you the solution.

Not so cool co-workers:
A demanding job and bothersome colleagues is a deadly combination, not something that can be dealt with every day. However, while politics, groupism and gossip are an inevitable part of most organisations, don't let it get to you or affect your performance. Working with difficult people on a daily basis may make you loathe going to office, but instead of fretting over it, try to figure out why someone is giving you a hard time. Communicate with them and try to get to the root of the problem.

Hostile and intimidating people:
Aggressive and hostile people want everyone to agree with them, even when they are wrong. Some of the best examples of such types are aggressive in-laws and the bossy 'I-know-it-all' seniors. Though you know they are wrong, there is little you can say or do to correct them, without facing the consequences. The best way to stand up to such people and make your point is to do so in a calm and confident manner. When they realise that you're not reacting the way they want you to, they will automatically back off.

Meddlesome neighbours:
Unfortunately, there are people who revel in making the lives of others uncomfortable, be it your neighbours at home or in the office. Their behaviour ranges from passing derogatory comments on everything you do and having an unwanted opinion on issues you face, joking and making fun of you at every opportunity or seizing opportunities to highlight your errors — big or small. Best described as cowards, a majority of such people are usually scared of confrontations. The best way to deal with them is to take their hostility head on.

Whiny people:
Among the most difficult to deal with, are those who find fault with everything and everyone around them. Nothing seems good enough for them or matches up to their expectations. It's very important to remember that these people are often victims of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. And while their constant ranting can really get to you, arguing with such people will not get you anywhere. Try to act normal, and show them how optimistic you are about life.

The silent types:
As compared to the others, these people may seem like a blessing, especially when you're riddled with your own issues. However, in reality, the silent types are the most difficult to deal with. While they may not meddle with you, it's difficult to gauge the mood they are in. Also, many of them are prone to short, but intense bouts of anger. Often responding in monosyllables, it's a task to engage them in a conversation. As there is nothing much that you can really do, these types are best left to themselves.

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