In case you are a frequent traveler and like vacationing with your family or friends, you sure are supposed to know about the place you are about to travel. Here is a collection of articles which will help you find helpful information like modes of travel, best season to visit, etc about these places.
Best Theme Hotels on the Planet
Le Monde

The idea behind Le Monde (French for ‘The World’) is that you can travel around the world not only without leaving Edinburgh, Scotland, but without even leaving the hotel itself. One of the taglines on their site is “Imagine dining in Paris, clubbing in Shanghai, and waking up in LA…” But without all the jet lag, we presume. At the hotel is a Vienna-themed restaurant, a Paris-themed restaurant, and a Milan-themed restaurant. Each also has a bar, with an additional Shanghai-themed bar/club. There are also themed rooms for the cities of Paris, Reykjavik, London, Dublin, Milan and (wait for it) Atlantis.