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44. O’Bannon’s Taphouse – College Station, A&M University, Texas
50 Best College Bars in America
O’Bannon’s Taphouse is Texas A&M University’s go-to spot for beer tours, drink specials ($2.00 wells), and $1.00 discount on all drafts from Monday through Sunday. They have a great selection of not only beers but also whiskey and scotch. They host up to thirty-six hours of happy hour per week and offer a whopping seventy-five selection of different beers to choose from. They occasionally do host some live entertainment, but for those seeking to catch up with their games, O’Bannon’s is a good place to be. O’Bannon’s doesn’t have a food menu, but their large selection of beers to choose from, including a creamy Guinness, who needs food, anyway?