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4. Schrier’s Sports Grill – University of Arizona, Tucson
50 Best College Bars in America
Out in Tucson, Arizona is the Schrier’s Sports Grill–a favorite joint among the University of Arizona crowd. It’s the kind of place that has all the fun in one convenient location including bar games, Karaoke night, bar food, drink specials, and sports. Combined with its casual atmosphere and diverse range of appetizers like poutine, veggie burger, spring rolls, pretzels, tacos, pork grilled cheese, and over a dozen other things, Schrier’s makes sure that they’re fully stocked to satisfy any craving. They also have special cocktails for brunch mornings like the classic Bloody Mary, Mimosa, as well as veggie infused vodka and clamato for those looking for a special something. They also have a homemade prickly pear syrup for cocktails out of their fully stocked bar. They have sixteen different selections of beer, package deals for sports nights, and twenty-one hours of happy hour per week.