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5. Jackie O’s Brewery – Ohio University, Athens
50 Best College Bars in America
Ohio University’s go-to brewery in Athens, Ohio is Jackie O’s Brewery–the college student’s favorite public house for excellent, on-site brewed beers. The brewery also has a relationship with the local farmers, to offer cart menus from Monday through Saturday, giving liberal educated college thinkers something else to appreciate: the beauty of sustainability and boosting the local economy. Jackie O’s Brewery also has live music. If students have a band, they can book gigs at the brewery directly from the website. For those keg parties at the frat or sorority houses, Jackie O’s Brewery also offers keg pricing. The taproom is available for tours for those looking to learn more about beers beyond just consumption. With on=site greenhouse growing, Jackie O’s expresses its concern for sustainable growing and eating. It also has a bakeshop with select bread and pizzas made from ingredients used at the brewery. Jackie O’s Brewery is truly a thing of beauty. It’s much more than a pub or a tap house. It’s an educational experience that combines food, drinks and fun.