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46. Mario’s Fishbowl – Morgantown, West Virginia University
50 Best College Bars in America
West Virginia University has an excellent college bar to visit called Mario’s Fishbowl. Mario’s Fishbowl is frequented not only for its excellent bar and drink specials, but also for its great menu of bar food items like wings, burgers, hot dogs, but also for its excellent Brunch menu, including salads, sandwiches, breakfast fajitas, and the amazing chicken and waffle combo. They also have tater tots that come with drizzled Sriracha sauce. With up to twenty-eight hours of happy hour, twenty different beers to choose from, it’s a great place to enjoy not only food and drinks but to catch up with good company. If family visits from out of town, Mario’s Fishbowl would welcome them with open arms. Mario’s Fishbowl does not host any major events or live entertainment, but for those looking to catch up on the college games, they do have a TV screen for viewing.