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 by iakbaransari  14 Jul 2009, 04:35
Do I just deserve a painful thwart by you?
Am I mistaken that you love me too?
Then why do you always disrespect my feelings,
You know I loved you; I love you and the same I will do.
My everlasting love is always suspected,
This is not the thing I ever expected,
Just wish to be loved and cared a lot,
But am always hurt and always tested.
The trust I hold on your love for me,
I am always pointed out as defaulter,
And my love and feelings blow like a tide.
My love does not seems to be true to you,
That you make me cry as if that's all I deserved,
My efforts and sacrifices go in a waste,
When you make me feel so alone, ignored, so abrupt.
It's not a mistake that I love you so much,
but may be I expected a lot in return from you,
I tried my best to give you from my heart,
But now I feel you just dont feel the same as I do