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[center]Beginning Of The Week

I wanted to imagine what my life would be in this world,

being a perfect, without sorrows, without gaps, without

to love and feel loved, taking everything at hand for

achieve it without the slightest effort, being possessed

and contained an image of perfect in the eyes of others;

feeling the power of my hands ....( after all this is the

yearning and dream humans )..... And then to imagine

which would give my life so, think about it, it was not a dream, but

a nightmare from which, immediately wanted to wake up ....

corrected in the mirror to see me, and to contemplate my image and

rediscover who I am, I said with relief voice: I'm Not Perfect,

thanks !....

If I am not mistaken never, perhaps could not understand

also commit mistakes that others, live judicata

and Me Queda alone, because they do not find anyone to me

could match.

If my image and figure, were perfect for

humanity, nobody would know who I am really, I

sought by my appearance, I would see only what material

I might become a slave of the body and what

Superficial, wanting to find the formula of eternal

youth, not to grow old never, depending on creams

and makeup, living a superficial life in the mirror

No more than my fugura would not really who I am sober

I prefer to be small, different, being sure that

I Queiró really know me and even better, I can only contemplate

in the mirror, but my soul, and strive to keep my beauty


If you do not have gaps, tendria not need to love and feel loved and

serious a person indifferent, that terrifies me, I do not want to think what is

live without love, without experiencing the need to be loved and enormous

wishes to give love .... that is the engine of our existence.

I'm not perfect and I thank you, because my imperfection gives

meaning to my life, invites me to fight every day for being better.

Thanks God, by my imperfection, put on my guitar playing your perfection: