This is where we make fun of Religions and communities. Hilarious Community Jokes in the most harmless sense.
There were two friends. One Hindu, Pawan and the other Muslim, Javed. They were heavy boozers. Not a day passed without their meeting, which resulted in ending up at a bar. Everyone was fed up with their drinking habit. Even they were keen to stop drinking. But the urge to drink always got the better of them.
Once they met in the morning. Being sober, they discuss their problem and came up with a solution. The Hindu says that it would be equal to eating the holy cow, and similarly the Muslim says that drinking whisky would be equal to eating a pig for him.
After their daily chores, their natural instinct made them meet outside the bar. They are happy to see each other, but they remind each other of their holy vow.
They couldn't stand outside for long and suggest that it is unholy for them to drink but they could always sit in the bar. Thus, they go inside and sat on their favourite table. They further decide, that they could always order a drink each and not drink it as it would look rude sitting in the bar and not ordering something. So they ended up with a glass each in front of them.
Pointing to the glass in front of him, Pawan says that drinking from the glass in front of him is equal to eating beef for him. And Javed points that drinking from the glass in front of him is equal to eating ham for him.
Their craving was getting the better of them. They could not control the urges. And suddenly Pawan says that Javed, " You can eat beef and I can eat ham, let's change glasses and drink." No sooner this was mentioned, they gulp their glasses and had a good evening full of booze.
Moral: Religion does not come between the drunk and the drink.