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There was an ant and an elephant who were in Love. Here ant is the male and the elephant female. Once they both were in lovers park exchanging sweet nothings. Suddenly the elephant gets frightened and the ant asks why, she says that her parents has visited the park. Now the ant thinks and says to his girl friend not to worry, have an idea for u.

Guess wat is the idea???




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Ant says to Elephant, u hide behind me. :)

Ok, the park scene was over, however Elephant's parents comes to know abt their love and they want to speak to her boyfriend and hence goes to Ant's house to see him. Elephant's parents like the Ant. but Ant's parents does not like the girl. Tell whyyyy??

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becoz the girl has big teeeth.

ok now as the parents did not agree. Ant and Elephant elope from house. Ant is riding the bike and elephant sitting behind. And then they met with an accident. Elephant gets hurt and starts bleeding. Ant is safe. tell me whyyyyyyyyyy?

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becoz ant is wearing helmet.

ok. now elephant is being taken to hospital in an ambulance and ant runs behind the ambulance. tell me why????????

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Ant wants to donate blood to his love (elephant). :lol: