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Beat the heat with sexy chiffon!

Hot like hell Ash, jaw droppingly gorgeous Sharmila Tagore, super hot Sridevi and the ever-elegant Gayatri. What's common between these beauties? The sensual chiffon saree! Aahh.... How much I love chiffon. It kisses my skin ... it hugs my body like no man can... it's light yet leaves a heavy impression on the many eyes that admire me... A mesmerizing mix of hot and cool.

A 'super' fabric for the scorching heat, it is weightless, smooth and breathes well. It not only lends grace to your body, but highlights all those luscious curves you possess. Rohit Gandhi, the cute Delhi designer is a chiffon fan. "A crinkled and matt fabric with a smooth feel, chiffon sells like crazy in summer because of its lightness. I recently showcased a summer collection of blue and white porcelain chiffon prints and the response was amazing!" he says.

Wondering why I am going on and on about chiffon? Well, all thanks to a summer wedding that made me wake up to this wonder fabric. I couldn't dare to wear any of my other stuff, so experimented with a sheer uncovered chiffon saree with a few Swarovski crystals thrown here and there. Straight out of my mom's closet. The chiffon seeped through my skin and touched my soul... pure magic!

A few days later, I met TV actor Rakshanda Khan in a party. Wearing, yes you got it, a chiffon saree ! "I love chiffon. It lends grace and elegance and takes the shape of my body and always looks classy," says the stunner! And now that I am commenting on other women wearing chiffon, how can I not mention the glamorous model Fleur Xavier. She likes chiffon for a different reason. "It is so easy to maintain! Being synthetic, it is far easier to maintain, as compared to any natural fabric."

And now, some info straight from the net! If you see chiffon through a magnifying glass, you see a fine mesh or net. The net pattern makes it light, wrinkle free and quick to dry. What's better, the smooth looking fabric is 'rough' on surface. So it never slips off our body like satin or silk.

According to Gandhi, chiffon is best worn as a dress. Rakshanda says nothing better than a chiffon saree. So, make your pick. A casual kurti worn with jeans, a naughty knee length dress with frills, a straight cut skirt, a saree or even sexy lingerie... there is simply no end! Wear what you want, just feel one thing... wonderful!

My summer mantra is to wear chiffon. Come along for a makeover!