In case you are a frequent traveler and like vacationing with your family or friends, you sure are supposed to know about the place you are about to travel. Here is a collection of articles which will help you find helpful information like modes of travel, best season to visit, etc about these places.
When we think of beaches, we only think of Goa. Agreed, it has some of the prettiest beaches in the country, but there are more that you don't know about. They are well maintained and too gorgeous to be true. Except that they're true.

Take a look.
1. Bangaram Island Beach, Lakshwadeep
9 Beaches In India You Need To Visit

Silver sand, turquoise water and vast stretches of coconut trees. Really, what else can one ask for? And since many tourists don't visit the Lakshwadeep Islands, you can expect cleanliness. Tourists enter this place on helicopters during the monsoon and try their hand at various under-water sports. The best thing to know about this beach is that it is considered one of the top 10 secret beaches in India.
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