No meal is ever complete without a dessert. Our desserts section specialises in Kheers, Rabdis, Halwas and a variety of Indian Sweets.

* 1 kg Curd
* 1 cup Castor Sugar
* 1 tsp ground Cinnamon
* 1½ cups Banana puree


1. Combine yoghurt and sugar and mix well.
2. Add cinnamon and banana.
3. Pour mixture into a small metal container and freeze for one and a half hours.
4. Remove from freezer and beat until smooth. Return to freezer for one hour.
5. After one hour remove from the freezer and beat again. Return to freezer and allow to set.
6. Serve with caramel wafers or sliced fruit.

Serves: 12

Tip: Use aluminium containers instead of steel to set the icecream faster. Also, place a thick plactic sheet or spread some salt under the container to keep it from sticking to the floor of the freezer.