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Bad boss? Here's how to cope

However, dealing with a 'bad intentioned' boss is different, depending on his or her ability.

"A 'bad intentioned' boss, who is more qualified, is most difficult to deal with," he says.

"I call them 'Shakuni' bosses, since they are more intelligent than the employee and selfish. It's better to be a good follower because logic will be useless," Mehra adds. Shakuni is the uncle in the Indian epic Mahabharata who fuelled the Kauravas' hatred for the Pandavas.

However, when a bad boss is less able, the employee could be in a position to negotiate.

"If an employee is more able than the boss, the superior will need him or her for the work, while the employee needs the boss' support for career growth. Here, the employee should bargain for his or her benefit," he says.
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