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Bad boss? Here's how to cope

But how to deal with a 'difficult' boss?

"Try and understand the reason behind the behaviour of your boss. There might be a genuine reason for the misconduct, such as a grave personal problem that is spilling on to his professional life. If this is the case, the problem at best is temporary," says Kaistha.

"Sometimes, you just have to be a little diplomatic in your dealings with your boss. There are times when people in positions of power feel insecure due to their subordinates. In such situations, you have to make sure that you give colleagues and your boss credit for what you are able to accomplish," he adds.

According to leading HR consultant Yadhav Mehra, dealing with the boss depends much on how he or she is.

"A boss-employee relationship can be somewhat like the parent-child relationship - the parent can be nurturing or controlling in nature, and the child can be a follower or a rebel," says Mehra from HR consultant C-Cube.