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ImageBack pain, especially when it is recurrent, can be very troublesome.

Yoga has been taking the world by storm and is known for its positive effects on people suffering from various ailments. Yoga guru Surakshit Goswami recently launched a book titled "Yoga For A Pain-Free Back" in association with Ranbaxy, at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre. The launch saw a number of old as well as young participants eager to take yoga tips from the guru who was only too pleased to help. Dr Harvinder Singh Chabbra of Indian Spinal Injuries Centre and Dr Brijesh Kapil, vice president, Ranbaxy, were also present on the occasion. The book has a mix of visuals depicting yoga postures with reader friendly content. It strives to educate people on the usefulness of yoga and improve their lifestyles.

On being asked if yogasanas are difficult to practice, Guru Surakshit Goswami replied, "They are not difficult, you get better with practice. Aap roz yoga karo, jo mushkil lage woh aasan mat karo, agla aasan karo, dheere-dheere sabhi aasan aapse aram se ho jayenge." Needless to say the person was pleased with the answer and pledged to practice yoga daily. Now that's called a healthy influence.

Said Dr Kapil, "Our product aims at relieving back pain the same way as Guru Goswami's book does." The book is a part of the Times Wellness Series. Published specifically for people suffering from back pain, the book makes the self-practice of yoga easy. It focuses on yogasanas and simple breathing tips that help relieve back pain. Said guru Goswami, "Kamar dard aisa vikaar hota hai jo ek baar aata hai toh jaata nahi. Yoga can help strengthen your back so that you are never bothered by back pain all your life." He also mentioned that it is essential to practice yoga daily for a healthy mind and fit body. No wonder yoga has celebrity fans ranging from Madonna to Kareena. More power to yoga.

Image Source: Thinkstock photos/Getty Images