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Beat the heat with these easy-to-make and delicious desi summer coolers.

11 Awesome Desi Summer Coolers to Combat the Heat
It’s that time of the year again when the sun beats down with all its mighty glory. The only thing that gives respite from the scorching heat is a glassful of chilled beverage. But an average drink won’t do the trick; you need something that will make you feel cool from within. That’s why our desi summer coolers score high as they are refreshing, energy-boosting and are healthy too. So here’s bringing you a list of Indian summer drinks to combat the heat and stay hydrated.

11 Awesome Desi Summer Coolers to Combat the Heat
Chaas is basically curd that’s blended with some water and spices in an earthen pot to make a frothy liquid for a cooling effect. Known as buttermilk, chaas is a popular Indian coolant that doubles up as a thirst quencher as well as aids digestion.