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Preparing for and appearing for the Job Interview requires tremendous focus, self confidence and the will to succeed.

You might be well qualified for the job but may fail to bag the position with your dream Company because of your stupid mistakes or due to your failure to strike the right chords with the interviewers.

Always remember that first impressions are the last impressions. Hence make sure that your resume and your personal presence are able to create a good first impression.

Here are some common and very simple mistakes that you can avoid -

- Making spelling errors on your resume

- Having grammatical mistakes on your resume

- Using complicated and illegible font on your resume

- Presenting a very long resume (more than 2-3 pages)

- Stating lies on your resume

- Being late for the interview

- Dressing too ostentatiously during the interview

- Being distracted, disinterested or too demanding during the interview

- Avoiding eye contact with the interviewers

- Exaggerating

- Being rude

Your resume is the first point of contact between you and the recruiting Company. Then comes the personal interview. Hence, It is your responsibility to make sure that you present your best on both counts.