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24 Avatars:

1) ADI PURUSH AVATAR (Incarnation as the Pre-eminent man)
2) THE ETERNAL YOUTHS : Sanatkumar
3) VARAHA AVATAR (The incarnation as a Boar)
4) NARADA AVATAR (The incarnation as Sage Narada)
5) NARA-NARAYANA AVATAR (Incarnation as Nara-Narayana)
6) KAPILA AVATAR(Incarnation as Sage Kapila)
7) DATTATRAYA AVATAR (Incarnation as Dattatraya)
8) YAGYA AVATAR (Incarnation as Yagya)
9) RISHABH AVATAR (Incarnation as Rishabh Dev)
10) PRITHU AVATAR (Incarnation as Prithu)
11) MATSYA AVATAR (Incarnation as a Fish)
12) KACHCHAP AVATAR (Incarnation as a Tortoise)
13) DHANVANTARI (Incarnation as Dhanvantari)
14) MOHINI AVATAR (Incarnation as a most Enchanting woman)
15) NARSIMHA AVATAR (Incarnation in the form of half-man and half-lion)
16) HAYAGREEVA AVATAR (Incarnation as Hayagreeva)
17) VAMAN AVATAR (Incarnation as a Dwarf)
18) PARSHURAM AVATAR (Incarnation as Parshurama)
19) VYAS AVATAR (Incarnation as Sage Vyasa)
20) RAM AVATAR (Incarnation as Lord Rama)
21) BALARAM AVATAR (Incarnation as Balrama)
22) KRISHNA AVATAR (Incarnation as Krishna)
23) BUDDHA AVATAR (Incarnation as Buddha)
24) KALKI AVATAR (Incarnation as Kalki)