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Hi Everybody,
I am Chidhambaram. I cleared Aspire written test but i loss it in technical interview. In technical Interview they ask me
Three programs and Five Oops questions. Because i was mentioned, my area of interest in OOPs. So clear in mind that. Company will ask you what you put in your resume.

1) Print the pascal triangle. (In that they ask how you adjust the spaces when the value n varies) (I couldnt get clearly what they want)
2) Swap three variables without using fourth variable (I done it)
3) Find the sub-array of the given array which will the maximum sum series.

1) What is encapsulation
2) How we provide security to the class members.
3) What is difference between abstract class and interface
4) What is virtual function
5) What is the difference between Object Based Language and Object Oriented Language
6) Why C++ is not purely Object Oriented Language

I answered all questions except third.

Best of Luck to all .....


Totally 45 questions. (Aptitude, verbal, logical)
30 mins for 10 questions in C (technical)
Technical is only C

Verbal is meaning, opposite, paragraph and questions, similar meanings

Aptitude is full of RS Agarwal
I think 25 quesions was in aptitude and 10 in logical, 10 in verbal (not sure)
one age question, one pipes question, one profit and loss, one time and distance, one area, one train, etc., try to concentrate on
RS Agarwal book.
See the Pythagoras theorem also...

(Paper Submitted By : T.Sakthivel)