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When I was a Child I loved to Play on the sea shore , I was very happy all the time.. no tensions no worries no problems an all the time when I walked near the shore I watched my FOOT PRINTS in the sand but beside mine I found one more pair of FOOT PRINTS.I wondered whoes was it I went home and told my Mother about this an my Mother without giving a thought told me it was of Gods. she said he is always with you. where ever YOU go, an what ever YOU do HE always is an will be there with YOU.

I was so happy to understand that God was my TRUE FRIEND , as he is always with me all the time when I Play , Dance, Enjoy, Sleep .. He is with me all the time..This became the biggest Truth of my life. I spoke to him always shared my all happines with him.

Then graudually I grew up, getting surrounded by Tensions, Stress, Problems.. No Time to Play dance an enjoy.. I always shared my Thoughts with God .. Hiding nothing from him

And one day I was so depressed felt like giving my life away.. I started running on the Sea shore but was suprised to see only One Pair of FOOT PRINTS on the sand.. I stopped and looked behind and was disheartend to see another pair of FOOT PRINTS missing... I was angry .. Heartbroken and was not able to stop my self from asking God..

I looked up in the sky .. yelled on top of my voice "I Questioned GOD: WHERE ARE YOU?? WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME?? WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I AM IN TROUBLE??? WHY HAVE YOU CHEATED ME?? tears rolled into my eyes

I continued questioning him ,when I was happy an enjoying my life YOU always was there with me an shared my Happiness, and now at this point of time when I am so unhappy , so stressed , so sad why did you leave me.. Why cant I see Your FOOT PRINTS besides mine, which followed me in my happiness an good times where are You when I am in Trouble...........?????an started crying..

Suddenly I heard a voice..Saying Stop Crying Child..I Am here!!! I looked around, found no one,then I closed my eyes again I heared the voice.. I realized that it was coming from within me... the Voice said CHILD I AM CARRING YOU AN THE FOOT PRINTS YOU SEE IS OF MINE NOT YOURS ..

That day I Understood that God is so Great an Loves ME so much that He cant see ME in any trouble, He always took all my troubles on his shoulder , he actully carries ME in his arms so that I feel light ..HE dosent give me trouble of carrying my self when I am in trouble.

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