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Ashmit-Veena's fake intimacy

Bigg Boss season 4 is over yet salacious gossip about the inmates makes us gawk.

So Ashmit Patel’s birthday party made big news. We all saw the images where Veena and Ashmit make goo goo eyes at each other.

The insipid birthday images now have a spicy tint of scandal. Here’s why. Hanky-panky in the Bigg Boss house. Anonymous former contestants say so. Not just this season, but in the previous season too. I can just hear all of you exclaim in unison, ‘I thought so!’

Back to Ashmit Patel, who I am assuming would have had a birthday last year as well. Or in the previous years. But we don’t remember. Like we don’t remember Ashmit Patel the actor, or anything else about him. All we remember is that MMS he circulated of intimate moments with Riya Sen.

Take Rahul Mahajan and Monica Bedi. Rahul Mahajan went ino the Bigg Boss house ostensibly to show us that he can be entertaining if not wholesome. Look what happened. For weeks we watched the Rahul-Monica-Payal high drama, which culminated in a new show and more eyeballs for RM. RM even got to pick a bride on his ‘reality’ show.

High drama wins once again with Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik. Why do we fall for it every time?