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Arrest That Mind
Are you sad and mad ,
About your mind that's crack .
You seem to have lost it ,
When you need it the most .

At times he mis-behaves ,
By giving up and disclosing ,
To people who are not worth ,
And simply cheat with their looks .

The training you have given ,
And the beliefs you have built-in ,
Vanish into thin air ,
Leaving you without clothes for attack .

You may watch in disbelief ,
At what the charlatans have gained .
But what defies logic is it was your own -
Stupid mind that f*cked up things .

" Arrest that mind ".

Give him a chore ,
That will give him a sense of purpose .
What do he know ,
Of things your soul have to bare .

Like a wild horse in action ;
It loves to be free in motion and breath .
Few have controlled that beast with success,
And they are called masters of fate .

You need to concentrate ,
On thoughts that are valid .
And know that they are ,
Thoughts that persist until they are done .