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ImageFeng shui can unlock the positive energies of your home. SBS Surendran tells you how.

Feng Shui is all about creating a space that exudes harmony, peace and happiness, ensuring a good flow of energy. If the surroundings are not harmonious, it can have negative effects on relationships and wealth, bring ill luck or cause illness.

Feng Shui acts as a catalyst to activate good luck within a space but it is influenced by the energy, thoughts, actions and deeds of the occupants too. Merely placing Feng Shui symbols without practising positive affirmations and generosity may not help our desires. It is important that one puts an imprint of positive thoughts, good vibes and a feel of abundance while placing such symbols, to derive the maximum out of such time-tested methods.

The universe comprises the interaction of the five elements, just like the human body. When we are surrounded with symbols that generate positive energy, the body, mind and soul are at peace, the aura is in balance and in turn motivates the individual to bring out the best.

An authentic Feng Shui analysis for a structure is based on vital data, such as the orientation of the building, the main door, compass directions, interaction of elements and the natal charts of individuals. Yet, one can tap into positive energies in the premises by placing specific symbolisms or adapting décor and colours.

Feng Shui symbolism works through energy-specific symbols based on the five elements, which activate the right balance and positivity and in turn connect with the subconscious level of the occupants.

Any of the following simple methods can enhance the positive energy in premises.

- Display dual fish in metal, which represents strength, bonding and love for married couples. This acts as a good luck charm. Maintain clean, live aquariums with active fish to enhance the element of water and activate wealth luck.

- Incorporate green jade, peridot, green garnets in jewellery. Green connotes freshness, vitality and also signifies the wood element and growth. However, one could also enhance the wood element by placing healthy plants.

- Place crystals in the four major corners of the home to conquer bad energy or bad luck, and bring plenty of wealth luck to the family. It also strengthens the Earth energy as crystals represent this element.

- Crystal lotus flowers signify the ability to remain rooted to earth and rise to perfect purity above. It is the Universal Symbol of the Flowering of Consciousness and Spiritual Attainment. When placed under a bright spotlight, it refracts the light and generates peaceful energy in the environment, which aids the productive cycle of the fire and earth element. Alternatively, turn on bright lights or use a splash of brighter shades of ochre and orange as wall décor to create positive or Yang chi.

- Place metal art décor or figurines, suspend oriental metal coins (a round coin with a square hole) above the main door. It'll empower the entrance with metal energy.

- Wear clear crystal, amethyst or rose quartz beads to control emotional imbalance, activate love, peace, harmony and good health.

From sub-atomic particles to skyscrapers, from good vibes to auras, everything in the universe is said to be vibrating. Our personal vibrations interact with those of our environment, including people, places and things that make up our world. Feng Shui actively engages with the favourable energy, available to us at all times.