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ImageIs being a good roommate very tough? What are the special qualities that you need to be accepted, and then declared as a good roomie? Answer these questions to find out...

I know everything about my roommate...
A. Of course. Sometimes, I think I know more about her/him than anyone else.
B. Yes. I think so, but I do not really care.
C. No, of course not. I am not interested in knowing everything about him/her!

You come back home to see that your roommate has left a lot of his/her things on your bed. This is what you do...
A. I arrange the things properly and then store them.
B. I pick up the things and place them as they are on her bed.
C. I throw all his/her stuff on the floor and then stamp on it. How dare she/he place her clutter on my bed?

How often do you both go out clubbing or partying together?
A. Twice every week.
B. Around once a month.
C. I never party with him/her!

Your roommate wants to invite his/her friends. This is how you react...
A. I tell him/her ways to set up an ideal party.
B. I agree to stay up late in another friend's house so as to avoid his/her irritating gang of friends.
C. I refuse of course! No one is allowed to have a party at home. She/he can go out for that.

Are you aware of your roommate's partner?
A. Yes, we are very good friends and we all go out together at times.
B. My roommate introduced us once, but I don't really know him/her.
C. No. And I don't want to either!

Your scores:
Mostly A
You seem to be an ideal roommate and your understanding and considerate ways usually win over people. The fact that you are not very pushy about someone's personal life is another thing that is going to help you earn the respect of people around you.

Mostly B
You have nothing against your roommate, but you are not really bothered about him/her either. You always behave in a decent manner as a roommate, but you are not too curious.

Mostly C
Your answers indicate that you are not a good roommate and most probably, you are not a good friend to anyone either. You have your own set of rules for everything.

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