Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
O My God, such radiance, how could it not stagger someone
It's as if u'r whole body is filled with light.
Darling, Are you an Angel of paradise or some Fairy?
You’re da unique creation of GOD
Seeing u'r Grace & Beauty, Da Moon feel shy of U
You are so enchanting
A lovely figure, An innocent face, u're like a flower petal.
Is this your body, or has some river of ambrosia spilled over its banks
Pleasure lurks in your intoxicating, Deep Blue eyes.
When your Rosy lips smile, a string of pearls seems to spill out.
O My Soul mate, My Eyes started dreaming about YOU
Your Footsteps are Lingering in My Heart
Baby Doll, You've touched My Heart
I've taken a New Birth coz of YOU
Mistress of Beauty, Queen of dreams, there's no one else like you.
There are 100 of Thousands of Beauties in this world, but no one else like this.
This face is like da Moon, this neck like the stem of a lotus.
Wherever you pass, your fragrance lingers.
Your colors overflow, so that everyone who looks at u takes on u'r fragrance.
I will bring cool breezes to the city of da Moon
Then I will make a palace of da Moon's Silver & Gold.
O Life of Mine, In Dreamz I take u're photos, I consider My dreamz as true
Hey Princess, I Never 4get U
You're My Breath, You're My Life
Baby, I'll break off da stars & decorate da whole palace with them.
I'll spread out warm, soft clouds there 4 u.
I'll bring dew from da flowers and bathe you in it.
Sweetheart, I'll Kiss u’re Navel wid my Lips :D
Honey, Your image dwells in my eyes, I've never seen such a Beauty
Simplicity in u're voice, Glitter in u're eyes
Baby come close 2 me, Da Magic that u’ll see
I’ll Love you, I’ll stay with you whatever you do
Da Entire worlds looks at you, you are such a Fairy Princess
You are da Most Beautiful AngeL
Since I’ve seen you, I’ve lost my senses
I’ve forsaken da entire world and chosen YOU My Love
Da restlessness is growing
My Heart just says one thing I Might just go crazy

"Main Teri Pooja Mein Jo Umr Bhi Beetaunga, Tere Ehsaano ka Badla chuka na paunga"