Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
We come into the world, all alone,
And then start exploring people and places on our own.
Some laugh with us, some cry with us,
But we still somehow feel alone.

Some come and touch our hearts forever,
And we learn to hold onto them forever.
But we learn that people close to you don't last forever!
They don't last forever physically,
But just are with you, mentally n spiritually.
They are there in a much stronger way,
And help keep the predators at bay.
Yet why do we feel alone?

An urge to talk, an urge to communicate,
Yet why does the loneliness set in?
We try thinking of it, yet the feeling somehow sets in.
Why are we all so alone?

We try and step out in the wonderful world,
And see if it could help us change our lonely world.
That's when we realize, each one out there is lonely,
So we try to communicate and break free.

That's when we realize, it's the virtual world we are in,
And before we know it, we are absorbed in!
And there's nothing one can do about it, because we all so need it.
We learn to hold hands and walk on,
Never knowing when the grip could be gone,
The fear always looms on and continues to haunt us on,
That's life, you love it or leave it !!!