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Nails are considered as one of the attractive part of the body. Girls love to polish their nails a lot and show off to their friends. Girls think that a great and subtle way to be different or unique is with the use of nail designs. No matter what type of nail you have, you can still wear the cool nail designs to make them look beautiful. These nail designs can be made very easily and in not time, if you know how to and what products you use.

Now, you can make them on your own, or you can leave this really fun and easy job to your manicurist. You may think that nail art is very challenging and it can be if you are choosing more difficult designs but there are a couple easy nail designs that you can do yourself with the proper tools. In order to help you out, we bring you a collection of 75+ unique and creative nail design. Take a look...

Anyone of you has such Unique Nail Designs?
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