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The thought of being put to the test is what makes being in an interview really scary!

The fear of a job interview has different affects on different people – some experience sweaty hands and feet while others can feel butterflies in their stomach.

Irrespective of how you feel before an interview, can we deny the fact that the job interview is a crucial part of your job hunting process and is something that requires your 100% attention and preparation? After all, your ability to handle the job interview well is eventually the deciding factor for you getting the job.

A majority of job seekers agree to the fact that their being unprepared for the interview made matters worse.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you feel nervous about answering Interview Questions –

• Believe In Yourself – Because if you don't know one else will!

• Be Prepared – Before appearing for the interview, it is good practice to do some research about the Company & its people. If you are being referred by a placement consultant, ask them to give you as much background information about the Company as possible. Visit the Company website and keep abreast with its policies, work culture etc. Such information will guide you while answering questions.

• Be Ready with answers to predictable questions – There are many predictable questions that you may have already been asked in several interviews in the past. You might have been unprepared for them, but isn't this the right time to prepare sensible answers to those questions?

Think about how you would like to answer when questioned about –

1. Your strengths
2. Your weaknesses
3. How you handled a difficult situation?
4. Any past mistakes and what you learnt from them?
5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Etc.

• Take control of the situation – Some interviewers like to put across tricky questions that might put you in a spot. Don't panic! Take some time to think before answering.