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Noah went to see God to ask him for a new and improved 'ark'.

"Ok Noah. I think it is time you had a new ark", God said. "Take a seat, tell me your ideas, and I'll start a design".

"Well, firstly, I'd like it to have plenty of floors. Say, 5 or 6", Noah said.

"Ok... 5 or 6 floors"

"I'd also like some spaces on the floors as well, to keep things in."

"Right, spaces." And with this God starts drawing a few designs for Noah. "Would you like some animals in there to start you off?" God asked him.

"Erm... Fish!" Noah replied.

"Fish. Ok. What sort? Any in particular?"

"Carp, and plenty of them", Noah said.

"Carp. Anything else needed?" God asked.

And they went through various items such as the colour, doors, windows, etc. Finally, between them both they'd come up with a design that they both agreed on. Sitting back in his chair admiring the new 'ark', God asked Noah, "So, what are you going to call it? Have you thought of anything?"

"Well God. I thought I'd call it 'Noah's Multi-Story Carp Ark'

:D :)