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Lost cities, whenever we hear this word, their ancient ruins spring to mind immediately and names like Pompeii, Machu Picchu, and Angkor What are often discussed. They're tourist destinations and major archaeological sites, and you've probably seen dozens of photographs of them from all kind of sources. But there are, of course, many, many more "lost cities" all over the world which were never discussed and decoded in History Class. These stony relics of times past can date back thousands of years, and are stunning in not only their good condition, but in the way that they resemble modern cities so closely. Here are 28 of the cities you've probably never heard of.

1. Carthage
28 Lost Cities Buried in Mysterious History Books
Wikimedia Commons

Carthage, located in what is now Tunisia, was founded by Phoenicians in the first millenium BCE. It quickly rose to power thanks to its coastal location, but soon, it found itself fending off the Romans. Carthage finally fell when Rome burned the city and massacred and enslaved its citizens. The Romans would rebuild, though, and Carthage would end up being a major Roman city as well. It was came under Muslim rule in 698 CE.
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