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If you think learning how to read fast with good
comprehension and retention is impossible, the
following amazing facts will prove you wrong.

1. The average adult reads at approximately
200 words per minute but the mind actually has
the capability of thinking up to 10,000 words per

2. US President John F. Kennedy displayed
extraordinary comprehension and surpassed the
average adult by reading in excess of 1,200 words
per minute. It was said that he read nine newspapers
every morning before his orange juice.

3. US President Theodore Roosevelt is famous for
reading two to three books a day while in office.
It is reported that he could read two lines per

4. Nineteenth century economist John Stuart Mill was
known to have complained about not being able to
turn the pages as fast as he could read them.

5. Howard Berg held the Guinness World Record
(certified in 1989) for being the fastest reader
having read 25,000 words per minute.

6. The photographic imaging capacity of the human eye
is thousands of times more sophisticated than the
most advanced cameras. The full range of its ability
has yet to be explored.

7. The nerves that lead from the eye to the brain are
about 25 times larger that those that lead from the
ear to the brain.