Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
It is dark, no light remains.
The sound of stinging rain on my window pain.
A flash of lightning a clap of thunder.
As my pulse quickens I begin to wonder.

Where did you come from? Who sent you?
God heard my every prayer old, but few.
I see your face in the flashes of light.
You're magical eyes green with delight.

I've come to know you, from a fate above.
And through this poem I express my love.
Like the burning candles, I dance with thee.
Far from any doubt, you belong to me.

Promises were made, whether they keep or not.
But my hope is strong, I have no more doubt.
I think of you often, and I pray everyday.
That this love that you have for me, shall never stray.

For I love you more than any word can say.
The sparks struck bright on our lucky day.
But now he have night, for morning will soon come.
Let us make the best of it, before the world makes a turn.

Put your hands on me darling, and show me the way.
To the locked caverns of your heart, where I want to stay.
I hear a small voice, the negative voice of enemies.
Do not listen to them darling, for now our love is free.

Your kiss is liquid fire, scortching my soul.
But dont ever stop, because I long for you more.
No one will ever come between us, never.
Because I make this promise now, always and forever....