Jokes for people who are Married or who wants to get married. Read the jokes to know the Hidden Truths behind such relations.
Mr Mahen Lal grew up in America. At the age of 24 he decided to get married but he wanted a sati savitri type of girl who will cook and clean, take care of his family (typical girl).

His parents wanted him to choose a bride from his homeland. So Mahen goes to visits his old village.

He fell in love with Kamla (love at first site) kamlawati was uneducated, that's one of the things Mahen liked about her because he knows how educated girls change in the U.S.

Anyway he said kamla to marry him promising her that they will go on a honeymoon. Kamla was amazed she thought to herself, "kya pati milla hai muje moon pe lejayega"

She was so excited to visit the moon she agreed to marry Mahen. When they arrived in America the couple went on a honeymoon to las vegas. After the (suhagrat) was over Kamla asks Mahen, "Aap ne wada kia tha ki hum honeymoon pe jainge…kub chale ga moon pe."

Mahen replied : Suhag raat ko honeymoon bolte hai America mein.

Kamla replied : Oh!!! Aisa honeymoon to hum ganna ke khet mein bohut manawa hai.