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Acronyms is shord meaningless words that have some secret meaning.
Meaning of that words is hidden behind some acronym so in some situation (expecially in chating) people use acronyms so they can faster get their answer.
List of most common acronyms that is used in e-mail, chats, SMS messaging, MMS messaging etc. :

AAMOF = As a matter of fact
ABT = About
ADN = Any day now
AFK = Away from keyboard
AISI = As I see it
AIUI = As I understand it
AKA = Also known as
ASAP = As soon as possible
A/S/L = Age/sex/location
ATM = At this moment
AWA = As well as

B4 = Before

BAC = Back at computer

BBL = Be back later

BBS = Be back soon

BC = Be cool

B/C = Because

B/F = Boyfriend

BM = Bite me

BKA = Better known as

BOB = Back off bastard

BOL = Be on later

BOT = Back on topic

BRB = Be right back

BTA = But then again

BTW = By the way

CAD = Ctrl-alt-delete

CFY = Calling for you

CO = Conference

CTS = Changing the subject

CU = See you

CU2 = See you too

CUL = See you later

CYA = See ya

DIY = Do it yourself

DL = Download

DND = Do not disturb

DYK = Do you know

EAK = Eating at keyboard

EMSG = Email message

EOD = End of discussion

EOF = End of file

EOM = End of message

EOS = End of story

EOT = End of thread

F = Female

F2F = Face to face

FAQ = Frequently asked questions

FOAF = Friend of a friend

FOCL = Falling of chair laughing

FOFL = Falling on the floor laughing

FOS = Freedom of speech

FYEO = For your eyes only

FYI = For your information

G2B = Going to bed

GA = Good afternoon

GAL = Get a life

GBH = Great big hug

GBY = God bless you

GE = Good evening

GF = Girlfriend

GFU = Good for you

GG = Good game

GGU2 = Good game you two

GJ = Good job

GL = Good luck

GM = Good morning / good match

GN = Good night

GR8 = Great

GtG = Got to go

GTSY = Glad to see you

H = Hug

H&K = Hug and kiss

HAGD = Have a good day

HAGN = Have a good night

HAND = Have a nice day

HF = Have fun

HSIK = How should i know

IC = I see

IDC = I don’t care

IDI = I doubt it

IDK = I don’t know

IHY = I hate you

ILY = I love you

IMO = In my opinion

IS = I’m sorry

JAM = Just a minute

JAS = Just a second

JIC = Just in case

JP = Just playing

JW = Just wondering

K = OK

L8R = Later

LAM = Leave a message

LNK = Love and kisses

LMA = Leave me alone

LMAO = Laughing my A*s off

MBO = Laughing my butt off

LMHO = Laughing my head off

LOL = Laughing out loud

LOOL = Laughing out outrageously loud

LY = Love ya

MB = Maybe

M8 = Mate

N = In

N2M = Not too much

N/C = Not cool

NE1 = Anyone

NM = Never mind

NP = No problem

NVM = Nevermind

OBTW = Oh, by the way

OIC = Oh, I see

OMG = Oh my god

OT = Off topic

PLZ = Please

PM = Private message

POOF = I have left the chat

PPL = People

PS = Post script

Q4U = Question for you

QSL = Reply

QSO = Conversation

QT = Cutie

ROFL = Rolling on floor laughing

ROFLMAO = Rolling on floor laughing my A*s off

ROFLOLWTIME= Rolling on floor laughing out loud with tears in my eyes

ROFLOLUTS = Rolling on floor laughing out loud unable to speak

S2R = Send to receive

SRY = Sorry

SYS = See you soon

TA = Thanks again

TCO = Taken care of

THX = Thanks

TIA = Thanks in advance

TMI = To much information

U2 = You too

UW = You’re welcom

W8 = Wait

W8AM = Wait a minute

WAY = What about you

WE = Whatever

WP = Wrong person

WRT = With respect to

WTH = What the heck?

Y = Why?

Y2K = You’re too kind

YM = You mean

YW = You’re welcome